We can help you share your music with the world.  Resurrecordz specializes in artist development, digital media, marketing and promotion, and music production services.  We have over 20 years of combined experience within the music and entertainment industry, and we believe in educating you about the music business as well as creating opportunities that give you more control over your career and your brand.   We connect our clients to industry professionals who are passionate about your career goals and committed to helping you become an exceptional recording artist.

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Your first impression should be a lasting positive first impression, and we can help you get noticed.  At Resurrecordz, we can save you valuable time and money by creating a strategic plan focused on identifying your strengths as an artist.  Regardless of where you are in your music career, our team can help you develop your unique profile within the music industry and give you the edge you need to compete successfully. 

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Resurrecordz offers high-quality, industry standard digital media services.  We create eye-catching digital media to attract the attention you deserve.  We keep up with the latest trends and technology to meet your needs as well as the industry.   Our professional services include EPK filming, interview filming, music videos, photography, videography, and much more. 

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Resurrecordz offers extensive marketing and promotion opportunities through our network of experienced industry professionals.  Our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your brand.   We will develop a strategic marketing and promotional plan to increase your brand awareness and help you build a strong fan base. Our services include blog placement, booking and performances, e-mail campaign, press release submission, social media management, and more.

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You shouldn't trust your career with anyone. You should collaborate with a partner who is just as passionate about your music career goals.  You should collaborate with a partner who can take your vision and produce a quality, professional product.  Our services include professional demo development, single tracks, albums or Eps, and film recording projects.

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A New York boy, who grew up in Brooklyn was destine to become the young warrior of words and inspiration to youth. Ziearre expressed a love for music at the early age of 3. His first introduction came from his uncle, Michael, who played Michael Jackson's music and videos. This sparked the beginning of Ziearre's journey. It was no surprise that Ziearre became a music lover because his gifts also stemmed from both his mother and father’s family. As he matured and his gifts were revealed, he proved that he was not your typical entertainer, but a creator and a messenger. He explains, “I started writing songs in my head, hearing melodies and music all around me. The musical ideas just came to me, and I couldn’t turn it off.”


Resurrecordz  is an independent production company committed to helping aspiring artist to reach their dream without compromising their talents.   Resurrecordz was created to provide artists with a platform to launch a successful music career, but more importantly provide artists with the necessary tools to navigate the music industry.  We believe that every artist has the ability to control every aspect of their brand with the right team and guidance.


We are a team of seasoned industry professionals committed to helping artists excel in every aspect of their business.  We offer affordable industry standard services which include artist development, digital media, marketing and promotion, and music production.


Our mission is simple.  To empower artists to build a sustainable brand that transcends their music and inspires the world.


You start from the bottom, we help raise you to the top."    

~ Fredrick Flowers, Founder of  Resurrecordz

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